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About Us

Turkey Creek Trading company is your one stop destination for a large variety of products and materials including Swords, knives, air soft guns, fantasy daggers, martial arts products, self defense items and many more. What makes us so trusted among our customers and consumers is the fact that we have been in business for over 22 years and are among the largest importers in USA. We directly import about 99% of our products from China, India, Pakistan and Taiwan and hence you can always trust us to bring you the best quality goods at reasonable prices.

We specialize in products like wholesale knives, hunting pocket knives, daggers and similar accessories which you won’t find at many other places or online platforms. This is our USP and the reason why hunters and knife collectors love us. Ours is a platform which is extremely easy to use and purchasing from us is quite a simple process. Our user friendly website is loved by many as it takes hardly a few minutes for customers to select, buy and checkout. So you get a whole package deal of convenience, pocket friendly prices, regular deals and schemes as well as a huge variety of products when you shop at Turkey Creek Trading Company.

Our wholesale knives are extremely very durable and come with full lifetime warranties, which is another reason, why shopping at Turkey Creek is always a special affair. The knives and other accessories come with warranty cards which you can use to repair, replace the product. But one thing to keep in mind is that you must be over the age of 18 to be able to purchase any of the knives or abide by local laws for the same. Turkey Creek trading company is truly a knife lover’s fantasy and a wonderland for accessory collectors.

We keep our customers and site members informed about the latest products introduced by sending them emails on a regular basis. This helps you upgrade your shopping list or collection and makes the search process easier as well. We sample test all our knives and other gear so that they are ensured to be fit for use by you. We also make necessary changes whenever and wherever needed. So if you are a knife lover or wish to buy any such product, Turkey creek will be happy to help. So start shopping today.